IODC 2017 Invited Speakers

The following authors have been invited to speak at the upcoming meeting. 

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First Name|Last Name|Institution|Country|Topic

Stefan|Bäumer|TNO|Netherlands|Beyond tolerancing: integrated structural, thermal and optical performance analysis to simulate real-world performance

Pablo|Benitez|Limbak, Spain; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain|Spain|Extreme-performance optics for Virtual Reality applications

Julie |Bentley|University of Rochester|USA|VIS-SWIR high resolution zoom inspection system

Andrea|Berner|Zeiss |Germany|An overview on induced color aberrations

Florian|Bociort|TU Delft|Netherlands|Order and reducibility in the lens design landscape

Bill|Cassarly|Synopsys|USA|Using Pinhole Images to Understand Nonimaging Optics’

Greg|Forbes|Scisense|Australia|quadrature/cubature for system assessment

John|Greivenkamp|University of Arizona|USA|Optics Goes to the Movies

Alan|Greynolds|retired |USA|Ray-pathing: A generalized extension and possible alternative to conventional ray aiming

Herbert|Gross|IAP University Jena |Germany|Systematic design of microscopic lenses

Alois|Herkommer|University of Stuttgart|Germany|Surface resolved aberration contributions in freeform optical systems

Juan|Minaño|Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, LPI|Spain|Freeform Aplanatism

Iain|Neil|ScotOptix|Switzerland|High performance front anamorphic zoom lenses employing crossed cylinder surfaces

Andrew|Rakich|European Southern Observatory|New Zealand|The control of misalignment induced  field-aberrations in a 7-channel phased-array optical telescope

Jannick|Rolland|University of Rochester|USA|

Jose |Sasian|University of Arizona|USA|Joseph Petzval lens design approach

Rainer|Schuhmann| Berliner Glas|Germany|Standards in the optical industry

Dave|Shafer|David Shafer Optical Design|USA|My 50 Years of Optical Design Using Husserl’s Phenomenology

Wolfgang|Singer|Zeiss |Germany|Tackling the challenges of fully immersive augmented reality Head worn devices

Kristina |Uhlendorf |Sypro |Germany|Challenges using optical plastic material for the development of consumer products

Akira|Yabe|Akira Yabe Lens Design|Japan|My thanks to IODC lens design problems


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