IODC 2006

The 2006 International Optical Design Conference (IODC) was held June 5-9, 2006 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was co-sponsored by OSASPIE and ASPE. The IODC conference chairs were Groot Gregory, Joseph Howard & John Koshel.

The IODC traditionally includes one or more lens design problems for members of the optical design community to consider. The 2006 meeting introduced a new problem for illumination designers.

The lens design problem consisted of starting with a 100-mm thick cylindrical slab of glass. Draw inside the slab as many buried surfaces as you like. Then pull out every alternate lens element, keeping all the original spacings. This will give you two separate lenses, Lens A and Lens B, which when shuffled together would reform the 100-mm thick cylindrical slab of glass.

The illumination design problem was to design an optical system using refractive and/or reflective surfaces to transmit the rays emitted by a specified source into a given angular contour of the target.

The results, along with the contents of the meeting, were published will be published in SPIE Proceedings Volume 6342.