IODC 1998

The 1998 International Optical Design Conference (IODC) was held July 8-12, 1998 in Kona, Hawaii. It was co-sponsored by OSA and SPIE. The IODC conference chairs were Leo R. Gardner and Kevin P. Thompson.

The IODC traditionally includes one or more lens design problems for members of the optical design community to consider. This time, the design problem consisted of designing a solid glass lens with no intervening air spaces between the first and last surfaces of the lens. The definition/statement of the design problem can be found here.

A paper entitled “LENS DESIGN PROBLEM SUMMARY: The Solid Glass Lens” is published in SPIE Proceedings Volume 3482. This paper summarizes the design solutions submitted, highlights the best designs and considers some interesting points brought to light as a result of the endeavor. Since some of the optical prescriptions submitted as solutions were quite long, this web page is being provided as a companion piece to the paper published in SPIE Proceedings Volume 3482.