The Unicorn’s Horn – FAQ

  1. What is the criterion to determine the white point (balance between the 2 WL)?
    • The White point is determined by adjusting the power of the two sources until you get a color on the blackbody curve.
    • However, the merit function is based on the efficiency of the trace at the two wavelengths, so realistically it won’t matter.
  2. Is the number of optical elements between horn and disc restricted or limited?
    • No restriction.
  3. Is it allowed to place the horn inside an optical element, as long as it is surrounded by air (eg hole in glass part)?
    • Yes, as long as the horn has an air gap surrounding its surface, it can be places ‘inside’ optical elements.
  4. Is there is a typo in the WL definition 468 / 486nm, at least 2x, also in the submission requirements. I assume it is 486
    • Correct. Please use 486.

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